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Monday, 29 June 2015

Tattoo ideas!

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo- just something simple but still a bit of ink, nonetheless!

Here are some of my ideas; let me know what you guys think:

My favourite is the quotation marks: for me it means something. I study English & have always had a passion for reading. When I was looking for some ideas for a tattoo, a quote describing this type of one really made me think! It was something along the lines of - a blank quotation mark to allow you to create your own story in between.

BUT. I'm a little scared of pain.

So, anyone with tattoos (or without- how do you feel about the pain?)- can you give me a little advice on how to stop thinking of the pain when I'm getting it done? Or, is it even as sore as they make it out to be?


Eve xo

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